To provide superior services and products and only recommend solutions that fully satisfy our client's expectations and application requirements. The company focuses its efforts on the military, federal law enforcement agencies, local law enforcement, and security applications with private industry.

The products we offer are unique and only available through our network. Night Vision systems designed for multi purpose applications. LRS-16 & LRS-18 camera based night vision systems provide edge-to-edge sharp and bright images. Ultra low-light CCD cameras capable of imaging in almost total darkness(0.00001lux). Day/night cameras with and without image intensifiers. Lasers for targeting at up to 30km and covert laser illuminators that can flood an area well over 1000 meters. Flash terminators that eliminate 100% of the visual flash from automatic fire. In addition, we offer a wide range of thermal infrared cameras and optics. Our systems are not "off the shelf" but are designed for your specific applcation. You can SEE in total darkness; let us show you how !

For marketing services, we have relationships with independent sales organizations, distributors, integrators, and dealers in the United States and 31 countries worldwide.  This support provides technical knowledge and experience in all aspects of surveillance, security, night vision systems, lasers, covert illumination, thermal infrared cameras and optics.

For consulting services, we offer the experience of dealing with military and law enforcement customers and their needs. With our worldwide network, we can create an aggressive sales plan that will generate sales to this lucrative market. We can provide a comprehensive marketing plan, a sales organization, and we can support product development to make your company successful. 

We take pride in our relationships with our partners and appreciate the business from our clients for without them, success would only be a dream.