40 watt Infrared Laser Illuminator
  • Certified Class 1 Eye-safe
  • Rugged and weatherproof system
  • Calculated MTBF is well beyond 20,000 hours
  • Supports various camera/lens combinations
  • "Glare reduction" for daylight observation through tinted glass

  • Illuminates beyond 1000 meters
  • Uses Ford patented optics
  • Eliminates light pollution
  • Fraction of maintenance cost associated with incandescent technology
  • Light weight construction
  • Simplified platform installations

The Mark-40 Infrared Laser Illuminator is designed to illuminate large areas with infrared light. The Class 1 eye-safe illuminator supports CCTV security and surveillance applications with a system of patented optics and a high energy 40 watt laser diode. This combination supports unsurpassed night viewing ranging over 1000 meters.

The Mark-40 is ideally suited for long-range surveillance of military facilities, harbors, pipelines, refineries, airports, or other areas with limited or no illumination. The Mark-40 provides uniform edge-to-edge illumination at great distances, and can be used during the daytime to illuminate inside vehicles with tinted windows.

The standard Mark-40 operates at 808 nm producing a slight red glow. This model supports many of the commercial CCD cameras currently in use in security applications. A covert 940 nm unit is also available but requires a CCD camera that is sensitive in that wavelength. Special order illuminators using laser diodes beyond 940 nm are available.

The standard unit is delivered with a 20 degree horizontal beam angle with a 10 degree vertical beam angle. Optional beam angles of up to 80 degrees in either axis are available from the factory. Users are not permitted to change the beam angles.


Power (Laser):                     40 watts

Power Output(At faceplate): 20 watts

Operating Wavelength:          808 nanometers, optional 940 nanometers

Weight:                                 13 lbs.

Size:                                      11"(275mm) x 9"(225mm) x 8"(200mm)

Power Voltage:                     13.8 Volts DC

Power Watts:                        131 Watts

Horizontal Beam Width:         20 degrees *

Vertical Beam Width:             10 degrees *

                                             * available up to 80 degrees