Consulting Services

Security Marketing Consulting International has been depended on for its expertise in imaging while working with the military and the law enforcement markets. The company has consulted with end users to develop new products and services to meet market demands, and to expand the reach of US companies worldwide to take advantage of this lucrative market segment.


A Houston, Texas, based chemical manufacturer was dissatisfied with the security camera solution a local integrator provided and contacted us for advice. They have 2000’ frontage on the shipping channel and were concerned about a terrorist threat by way of a boat. We recommended two infrared cameras at the corners of the property with wide-angle optics to detect anything on the water. Centrally mounted and high on a 50,000 gallon tank was a Vision 200 ultra low-light camera (0.00005 lux) with a 17-364mm zoom lens. Mounted alongside the PTZ was an Infrared Laser Illuminator that followed the camera, capable of lighting distances of over 1000 meters with that camera. Now they have ample time to detect an intruder, identify the threat, and take appropriate action.


A military customer needed to visually see the soldiers during night ops training. A local integrator installed infrared cameras side-by-side with the daytime CCD cameras for night ops. However, the command was not satisfied with the images and needed better image detail. We recommended replacing the infrared cameras with near-infrared cameras and the use of a 1.55 micron infrared laser to light the area. The laser output was well above the visible range and the night vision goggles so NO light was visible to the soldiers. Now valuable information is gathered during night ops training that may help save soldiers' lives.


We have consulted with several companies interested in bringing new products to market. In one case we recommended pricing and a discount structure, suggested appropriate distribution channels and developed a marketing plan to achieve the aggressive sales goals the company had set. Another case involved improving the international distribution to law enforcement agencies worldwide.


Through our partners, we are able to support our clients.