Night Vision Products and Systems
LRS-16 Night Vision Module
The new LRS-16 is a state-of-the-art Generation 3 advanced night vision system that has been designed for all night time applications. The LRS-16 offers superior performance and image clarity while being easily adaptable to Nikon and Canon SLR cameras. NO back-focus is required because the Nikon and Canon camera adapters are factory pre-set. Simply install as you would any lens, and start recording. Use your Canon and Nikon lenses or the smaller C-mount optics.
Use Nikon lenses with a Canon camera or Canon lenses with a Nikon camera. We also support various camcorders with adapters and brackets that allow the use of Canon or Nikon lenses. No need to depend on digital magnification for long distance surveillance, use your Canon or Nikon long zoom lenses on the camcorder. As a pocket scope with a long Nikon or Canon zoom lens, you can really "see" far distances.

The LRS-16 is designed and built to ensure the highest quality and durability under the most difficult customer conditions. The camera adapters provide bright imaging and high resolution across the entire frame - edge-to-edge. No light "fall off" or distortion. - You will NEVER see “circular” images. We provide full-format 35mm sensor coverage.

The unit is equiped with an invisible to the human eye short range IR Illuminator. The LRS-16 is made out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and is hard coated to the most stringent Mil-Spec requirements (Type 3, Black).

We offer several models to fit your applications and budget including a state-of-the-art 72lp/mm Pinnacle Intensifier tube. An LRS-18 Variable Gain unit is available as well.

LRS-16 Night Vision
LRS-18 Variable Gain Module
The LRS-18 Variable Gain Module includes everything the LRS-16 offers, but adds a Variable Gain Image Intensifier tube.

Digital Camera Adapters

LRS-16 Canon Digital Adapter
Installed on a Canon camera
LRS-16 Nikon Digital Adapter
Installed on a Nikon Camera
Canon and Nikon C-mount Lens Adapters
C-mount to Canon Lens Adapter
C-mount to Nikon Lens Adapter
LRS-16 Custom Night Vision Kit

The LRS-16 Custom Night Vision Kit. This kit is custom designed to each customers specifications, and comes with a custom fitted Pelican case that ensures proper care and security. One scope or more, Nikon or Canon or Sony adapters, with optics and tripods to meet individual requirements.

GT-14 Pocket Scope
The GT-14 is a high-performance night vision monocular with advanced ergonomics and intelligent power control.  Submersible and extremely lightweight, the GT-14 uses the latest Generation 3 image intensifier tubes and comes standard with an infrared illuminator (IR) beam that is invisible to the human eye. 

GT-14 features automatic brightness control (ABC), which automatically adjusts the brightness of the image intensifier tube for varying light conditions and in-ocular low battery and IR indicators.

An ideal multi-purpose system for night operations, GT-14 can be hand-held as a monocular, head/helmet mounted as a single-eye night vision device, weapon-mounted as a night scope or attached to photo/video cameras and 3x/5x afocal attachment lenses for long-range, night surveillance. An optional dual-mount adapter allows two GT-14 monoculars to become one dual tube binocular system.

GT-14 Pocket Scope
GT-14 w/ Helmet Mount
GT-14 Weapon Mount

PVS-7 Goggle

The combat tested PVS-7 Goggle is currently used by 90% of US troops. Using a single Generation III image intensifier tube makes this a light weight head mount system. The goggle is supplied with "high-light" shut-off to prevent damage to the intensifier and an infrared LED map reading illuminator. 

An optional 10x magnification lens is offered to increase the capabilities of the goggle in long distance observation. Accessories include laser illuminator and camera adapter. Supplied with head mount, carrying case and de-mist shields.  

PVS-7 Goggles