Covert Products

We offer a large range of covert products to law enforcement and the military that are not available on the Website. Please contact us directly.

Technologies include -

  • Night Vision - pocket and long range scopes and camera systems 
  • Infrared - scopes and long range imagers with true zoom optics
  • Lasers - various wavelengths for targeting, designating, and illuminating
  • Ultra low-light CCD and CMOS cameras for identification

Flash Terminator

These flash terminators effectively eliminate 100% of the visual flash from full automatic fire. Deprive the enemy of identifying your position and night aiming point. Models availeble for -

  • .50 caliber heavy  machine gun
  • M240 - 7.62 MG weapon
  • M249 / M16 / M4 - .223 Caliber weapon

Manufactured of 17-4 stainless steel for long term durability and endurance of 10,000 rounds minimum. The dark matte grey non-reflective surfaces are designed for simple mounting with standard armory tools and all components are 100% survivable.

Flash Terminator

Thermal Weapon Sight

The IR+ Thermal Weapon Sight is designed with the latest uncooled detector technology for long range detection at over 750 meters. Operational in any weather conditions including smoke, fog and sand. Powered by three lithium AA bateries for over 4 hours of continous use or 12V DC.

The rugged sight has a field-of-view of 9 x 7 degrees and provides either white hot or black hot polarity with an automatic gain control with enhanced image processing. Mounting is via "Picatinny Rail". A wireless video link is available.

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